Lent: Treasures of Faith – A Lenten Journey For Kids



Great news!

Holy Spirit Parish is providing your family with a free Lenten program from Cat.Chat this year.

Your family can enjoy and partake in the Treasures of Faith Lenten Journey in the comfort and safety of your living room.

Our fun Lenten Journey begins on Ash Wednesday and will conclude on Easter Monday.

Treasures of Faith Lenten Journey includes:

  • Lenten Reflection Video
  • Fun Virtue Video
  • Action Song Video
  • Bible Verse Video
  • Interactive Bible Story
  • Printable faith and craft activities
  • Cat.Chat Challenge for the whole family
  • Fun Game Activities

To register for this great adventure please email me at ckomarnicki@rcdos.ca  Once you are registered, each week I will provide you with a link for you to access your resources.

Also, for every family who registers, you will be entered into a draw to win a copy of The Action Bible!


Thank you for being intentional about giving your kids the opportunity to grow in their faith!  This Lenten Journey experience will bless your entire family.

In Christ,

Celena Komarnicki

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Treasures of Faith – A Lenten Journey for Kids is brought to by Cat Chat Productions