My wife and best friend Lori is my most valued treasure along with my children/spouses, grandchildren, parents and family members. I value a well tuned guitar and beautiful harmony vocals; a simple melody and lyrics that are stuck in your head.

I value creativity and people who can build cool unique stuff with their hands and personalize it. Home cooked meals, trust and loyalty, and the power of a “thank you”.

I value positive people with passion, integrity, and respect for others. I value a horse that comes running when you call it and a dog that waits for you at the door.

I value someone or something that makes me laugh so hard I have bumps on my head and people who do things for others and don’t expect to be publicly recognized or even thanked for it.

I value traveling to places where you can’t speak the language but still somehow can communicate with the locals. In these times, I value magical eyes while the mask hides the smile and face.

Palm Sunday is one of my favorite days each year. I love watching the kids wave the palms high in the air to recreate when Jesus entered Jerusalem.  I also enjoy braiding palms into roses and crosses and sharing them with others.

Recently I started watching “THE CHOSEN” a series about the life of Jesus. It helps me put a face and a personality to the names in the New Testament. It is amazing seeing the wedding at Cana and the Sea of Galilee huge fish catch on the screen.  I believe this series will better help me understand our faith and how Jesus has helped us all to be better more loving people.