Knowing that Jesus’s sacrifice is not the end, that God’s love is so great that he wants us with Him for eternity is nearly unfathomable until an encounter with Christ and we are given a glimpse of understanding of the magnitude of God’s love.  All of our cherished and delighted moments come from God.  Our joy is God’s joy.

Gosh the last year has been difficult in my work at St Angela Merici Residence but when a dear resident comes and sings ‘You are my sunshine’ to me because her dementia has freed her from the bonds of the anxiety she suffered earlier in life, I delight.  When a frail resident lights up from just a warm hello, I delight.  I cherish the moments when someone says ‘thank you for keeping us safe’ because it’s usually when I don’t see the joy and rather am consumed with frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed.  To work in a home where many long for life in the Lord, not because they suffer but because they are ready to live with the Father when they are born into eternal life.

Our family has been blessed with a bounty of joy-filled times in the last year.  There was joy to going back to school.  Birthdays, anniversaries and sacraments.  Having the youngest preparing for reconciliation and Eucharist has felt like a milestone.  We marvel in the opportunity to have the support of the community as we raise our children in the Church.

New perspective given this past year has been to recognize the joy, it’s there.