The main objective of the Parish Pastoral Council is “to promote pastoral activity” that will help the parish achieve its goals. This work, always concerned with the overall good of the parish and its mission, can include reflection, planning, coordination, animation and/or action.

Parish Councils encourage the growth of different parish activities and see to their coordination and harmonious intergration into the servcie of one and the same mission of all. Taking part in the work of the Parish Pastoral Council is itself an excellent means of education in faith. Nevertheless, to strengthen their ability and willingness for service, Council members should receive ongoing formation in faith. Even though the Parish Pastoral Council is not a prayer or discussion group, there should be time for spiritual reflection throughout the year and council members should be encouraged to participate in spiritual formation sessions, some of which may even be organized by the Parish Pastoral Council itself.

— The Parish Pastoral Council, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Parish Councils originated in the spirit of Vatican II. The Parish Councils that developed were largely administrative in their functioning. Today, Parish Councils are moving into another realm indicated by their new title, Parish Pastoral Councils. The focus has shifted from administrative, dealing primarily with buildings and finance, to the pastoral needs of the parish. This is in keeping with the spirit of the documents of the Second Vatican Council, which refer to the apostolate of the Church to be fulfilled by all, pastors and lay people working together in collaboration.

— Parish Pastoral Council, Diocese of Saskatoon Guidelines

  • Kenton Peterson, Chair
  • Susan Burns
  • Cameron Choquette
  • Adrian Cochet
  • Bev Hanson
  • Eric Lautsch
  • Aaron Pangilinan