Ecumenical Committee

This committee strives to strengthen the understanding of the goal of Christian unity within our own parish as well as the commitment to reconciliation and unity among local Christian communities.

Holy Spirit Parish has also established a covenant with McClure United Church. This covenant has been in place since March, 2000 and involves praying together and working together on common initiatives. Our committee is part of the McClure / Holy Spirit Joint Steer Committee that meets on a regular basis to assist in our common efforts as baptized Christians.

Contact: Marlene Kuch, 306.374.7593

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McClure United/Holy Spirit Parish Covenant Banner

A rainbow connecting the logos of McClure United Church and Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Parish symbolizes the covenant signed between our two congregations.

A stream of blue water is used on the lower portion of the ellipse to indicate our union through the waters of baptism.

Central to the banner, to our Christian faith, and to our unity is the cross, a symbol of reconciliation and hope.

The figures are representative of all people sharing in the joy of and giving their support to this remarkable journey forward in faith.

The radiating quilting lines show Christ’s love going out to our congregations and beyond to all of humanity.