During these challenging times I must say that I value my daughters and their company the most even though they are the only company I’m allowed. The children I work with in the school bring so much joy to  my heart as well and give me such a purpose in life. Of course the company of all of my pets and the care they need help to keep my heart happy as well.

The weekly bulletins and Sunday masses are important to me to keep me feel grounded and safe. I have such an appreciation for the people working and tending to the ongoing commitments of the church and I really do miss the bulletin stuffer crew. The weekly bulletin continues to offer such rich information and keeps my values in check.  I must add that I will sing loudly from the pews when we are all allowed back in the comfort of our parish community.

Jesus sacrificed much more than 40 days and nights so I take this time in Lent to reflect read and watch  everything spiritual that I can to deepen my knowledge and help me keep a forever grateful heart. There are so many people in need on a daily basis in our community and Lent is a good time to offer what we can to brighten their day.