I grew up in the small town of Dilke in a family of 8 children. I value the values that growing up in a big family in a small town give you; taking care of each other, helping out, being involved, having fun, supporting community. 

 I value my roots. I am close with my extended family—aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents.  I value my wife Glenda, our two children, their spouses, and our 6 energetic grandchildren. All are important in my life.

 I also value good food and good wine; the road through Dilke went through my mother’s kitchen.  I grew up seeing what hospitality felt like, looked like, and tasted like.  And I learned to cook!  I love experimenting with our smoker–salmon, brisket, spareribs….

 I also value staying fit:  I am an active golfer, curler, and I practice yoga. I value people.

Even in the pandemic, Lent gives us an opportunity to slow down. I am reminded of living in Dilke during Lent, serving mass as a kid and practicing for the Easter Triduum, the Stations of the Cross, fasting and the Sacrament of Penance. Perhaps I am even more grateful for all that I’ve been given in my life in these times. 

Growing up, I watched my mom and dad being active in our church. My mom cleaned the church all the time, my dad was chair of the Parish Council and a grand knight  it seems forever.  They were very involved, and that impacted us as kids.  So I try to contribute with whatever and whenever I can at Holy Spirit; I try to offer whatever skills I can to the parish needs.  Right now I am chair of the Finance Committee and a Hospitality Minister. I really miss seeing the parishioners of Holy Spirit on a weekly basis in these times.