First and foremost I value my faith in God and the heavenly saints followed closely by family and friends.  My faith gives me hope, joy, gratitude and love.  For every happy, joyous event I have experienced I have seen the grace of God shine through in it. For every sorrowful or fearful event I have experienced I have always felt the strength of God. When my faith falters I know God is patiently waiting for my return and for this I am so very grateful.  Prayer is my most powerful tool for helping me to understand this world and my place in it.  I value my family beyond measure.  My husband, children and grandchildren have allowed me the opportunity to understand the power of love in both good and difficult times. My love for them is completely fulfilling. They are God’s most perfect gift to me.  My friends bring a perspective from many different walks of life which is what I value the most about them. I appreciate the opportunity to learn about their perspective and spending time with them.

Lent has always been a special time of year for me.  It is a time of solitude and reflection, a time of cleansing of the mind and heart. I am so grateful for Christ’s sacrifices for us all.  I always pray in lent for a better understanding of what sacrifices I can make in my life and the discipline to carry them out.  Lent is a healing time for me. The Stations of the Cross is such a poignant reminder of all that Christ did for us.  I have always loved how the reflection, sacrifices and prayers of Lent lead to Holy Week and the triumphant Easter celebration.  Such hope and joy for us all.

Being a part of Holy Spirit Parish community is another one of God’s beautiful graces in our lives. My husband who is non Catholic has always been warmly welcomed.  He was very supportive in our children’s faith development and set an example to them by being involved in the church as a welcome minister.  How wonderful that Holy Spirit supported him in his efforts to teach his children the importance of being active members.

Being a member of the parish has been central to our faith life. We have celebrated the sacraments of communion, confirmation and marriages of our children. We are grateful to all the priests over the years and the many, many members of our parish who help organize all these events and the incredible music ministry which adds so much to our celebrations. Many of our dear friends are members of Holy Spirit. Along with these dear friends, it is a joy to be able to celebrate Mass with fellow parishioners. What a blessing is has been to be a part of the Holy Spirit Parish community.