I value friends – I have made friends from all walks of life.  From my school days at St. Bernard School and Holy Cross, to places I have worked at, right to my new journey in Post-Secondary education, I have learned to value all of those who have become my friends.

To me Lent is a time of making a sacrifice because I’ve always been taught to give up something at this time of year. When I give up something for Lent I realize the important things in my life and how lucky I am for the things that I have.  That includes material and non-material things.  Having sacrifices is important because it allows me to be thankful for the values in my life.

Holy Spirit Parish is like a family. Not only has my family been members of the parish for many years, but I have also volunteered in a few different ministries; mainly with the youth of the church.  It doesn’t matter where you come from or your ability, we are part of a family at the church.  Everyone is treated with kindness and love.