I value family, which includes my larger family. I really like being with my godfather; we share a lot of interests like golf and other things.  And my Uncle Bernie is really fun to be around; he understands me and doesn’t treat me like a kid. I value my friends.  I have a really close friend from elementary school who means a lot to me.

I value water; not everyone in the world has good drinking water.  We need to take care of what we have been given here in Canada.  Pollution, especially with plastics, bothers me for the same reason; we have to take care of the earth so that people in the future will have what they need. 

I value church.  Going to church gives us a connection with God.  You really don’t feel fulfilled without that connection.

Well Mom always says that in Lent “You have to sacrifice something”.  One year the four of us kids gave up sugar for Lent.  Then my grandma came and made all these delicious things, and we couldn’t eat any of them.  We didn’t give up sugar the next year.  Another year my brother and I had a contest to see who could watch the least amount of TV.  I won. 

We always have Fish Friday in Lent.  One year I was at a water polo tournament in Calgary during Lent, and on the Friday the whole team went out for steaks.  I had fish. It was good though. Lent helps me to be thankful for what I have, and to not take things for granted.

Well we have come to know a lot of people from going to church at Holy Spirit.  My Dad used to serve at mass, so he signed us up to serve.  I like serving at mass. It boosts my self-esteem; I always feel good after I’ve served.  I think it helps me with things in my life.