Lenten Resources

Practicing our Catholic Faith in a Multicultural World, Faith Study  – Facilitated by Arch McKay

One of the joys of being a Catholic is that when we travel we can almost always find a Catholic Church in which to  celebrate Mass on Sundays. Regardless of what language is prominent in that country the Mass will be familiar.  All in attendance see their faith through a common Catholic lens. However, Catholics in different parts of the world may  practice and celebrate their faith in a variety of ways. Some places celebrate in public venues, others worship in private or even secretively. There are many ways in which Catholics of individual cultures celebrate things such as marriages,  funerals, feast days, religious holidays and other spiritual events. In our own country, province, city and parish we have people who have joined us in our faith from countries through out the world.

Let us gather this Lent and learn and share with one another the rich and unique ways in which we celebrate our   common faith.

Some of our topics may include:

  •  Worship
  •  Food and Fasting
  •  Family, Marriage, Gender Roles
  •   Feast Days and Holidays
  •   Music, Dance
  •   Childhood and Coming of Age
  •    And more….

Please come and be prepared to share and learn. We will meet Tuesdays at 7pm starting March 8th and running until March 29th  at the church. To sign up please email egratton@rcdos.ca or call the Parish Office at 306.374.1425



The Chosen Video Series and Discussion

See Jesus through the eyes of the Sanhedrin, the disciples, and children, set in the time of the Bible, but in our language and style of TV programming. The Chosen is set up as a drama that’s like a mixture of ‘This is Us’ and ‘The Bible’ series. It gives us a fictional perspective on Bible events through the eyes of those around Jesus. Join us in person or on Zoom to watch The Chosen video series Monday evenings starting March 7th at 7pm. We will watch an episode and then share our thoughts in small groups.

This event would be appropriate for anyone over the age of 12.

To sign up for in person click here: The Chosen’ in person

To sign up for the Zoom session click here: ‘The Chosen’ via Zoom


Stations of the Cross

Every Friday during Lent we will be praying the Stations of the Cross at the church. We will be having leaders from the different cultures and ages that make up our parish lead the Stations. We will start at  5:30pm. This event will be livestreamed and archived on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/holyspiritsaskTo sign-up to attend in person, click this link: Stations of the Cross





The Church at Home Lenten Kits

We will be offering kits for families to make crafts and do activities at home to help fully engage your little ones this Lenten Season.

Please email Erin at egratton@rcdos.ca if you would be interested in picking up a kit.



Lego Stations of the Cross

Check out this kid-friendly way to pray the Stations with the whole family!