To me Easter is a bridge. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil our pathway to eternal life was broken. God sent his only son to sacrifice himself on the cross. Jesus dying on the cross connected that bridge and he gave us the choice to walk that pathway and have eternal life. The bridge to me is not only a pathway for eternal life. But with that, it is a bridge to happiness, comfort, protection and reassurance. For myself I tend to forget that even though Jesus died on the cross years ago that it was still for me. He has forgiven me in all my faults, and he will continue to do that as long as I lean on him.

On my faith journey I have chosen to invite Christ at the center of my life and in making that decision I know God will always be there. He was their hundreds of years ago when he died on the cross for me and reconnected that bridge and he is still here for me now. In my daily life there are days where it is hard to remember that Jesus died for my freedom and everyone in the world. Seeing Easter as a bridge helps me to remember that my life’s journey is to cross that bridge and to remember that the bridge was made for me.