When asked, “What do you value?” the first response that came to both of us is ‘family’.  Family is a central value to us, and it extends beyond the domestic family.  We see the value in the domestic church that we have created with our children and their learning, but as covid has dragged on, the domestic part has become more central.  The greater community church that we took for granted is no longer as accessible.  We miss that.  We miss participating with others.  We miss being physically in the church, contributing to music ministry, and of course, watching our young ones interact with the choir members during the sign of peace.  Our concept of family, our faith family, extends to all those we interact with at church.  Our family benefits from these relationships and we hope that the church community realizes the impact they have made on our children – perhaps the parishioners have benefited from our children as well!

Lent is a perfect time to reflect on what is truly important to us as a family.  It is during Lent that we can talk with our children about the sacrifice of Jesus, and due to the pandemic, they have a deeper understanding of what ‘sacrifice’ means.  We are able to spend more time together in play and prayer; and thanks to the online mass available to us, we are also able to discuss any questions our children have about the Mass as they arise

We miss everyone and we look forward to the day that we can celebrate mass together again.