It may never be possible to fully grasp the depths of God’s love that led Him to join us on earth in human form through the incarnation during the Annunciation in Nazareth in response to Mary’s ‘Let it be with me according to Your word.’.  And then, the nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem.   Nor is it likely, that we’ll entirely understand the love that guided Jesus through His selfless healing and teaching ministry and finally to His suffering and death for us all on the cross at Calvary.  May we be able reflect in humility and gratitude on the Father’s love that paved the path for our salvation and feel excited about sharing the love we have received with others

During Easter, the Gospels make poignant note of Peter’s mess ups. Three times he denied our Lord during His Passion yet Peter was the one chosen by Jesus to lead our church into the future.  It gives me hope that when I and others around me fail, we are still worthy of the love of our God.