The concept I value most is quality time,  whether spent with family, friends or even alone. With restrictions in place, making plans can be difficult, and many times the effort is avoided altogether. Because of this, reaching out or being reached out to is more meaningful than ever. Having someone give their full attention to the present moments is something I value so much, and always try to do in return. 

 Growing up in a Catholic elementary school, the most emphasis was always placed on “giving something up” during Lent. This is good practice, however in my more recent years, I’ve questioned why I’ve spent so much time feeling guilty for “cheating” on my Lenten goals, when I should have been more focused on almsgiving and prayer. Now, Lent is a time to live my personal values of being honest with myself and God, and being attentive to the needs of others. 

The Holy Spirit Parish community is one I know will support and pray for my family and I in times of celebration, or in hardship. Even though we are unable to physically worship all together, the relationships I have built at the Parish remain, and allow the sense of comfort I can feel anytime I’m in the building. The Holy Spirit Parish community represents the Catholic Faith in a way that I can take home and integrate into my daily life – openness, love, and respect.