I value family; especially my wife  Christine and our children, Katie, Hannah and son in law Nathan.  I value my faith.  My faith has really helped us through a lot of stuff in our lives.  Last year, my mom died in April and Christine’s younger sister died of cancer in June.  We had the ability to pray and to ask the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and help us through.  Prayer is so important to us.  I’ve been involved with the Knights leading the rosary before the live-streamed mass at noon.  That has been so good.  When we couldn’t see much of each other during covid, we also prayed the rosary with our daughter over facetime.  It was wonderful to celebrate something after all our sadness when our daughter Hannah got married last September.

Lent is a time to be able to ponder and take stock of myself:  where can I be better, do some things differently?  It’s a time for reflection, and at the end of it, be able to come out with a greater vision.  I like Lent.  My mom and I used to go and pray on Good Friday during the night vigil hours.  I miss that we can’t do that in covid.

Holy Spirit community is really important to me.  It gives me the opportunity to live out my faith.  Our whole family used to be involved in welcome ministry.  I’ve been involved with the Knights of Columbus for years.  We know so many others who go to Holy Spirit, and we are able to share our faith together.  Its an important community.