Update from Fr. Darryl Millette for March 24, 2020:

Blessings to you all. You are all very much in the thoughts and prayers of myself, Fr. John, and the whole staff and councils at Holy Spirit Parish. These are certainly unprecedented times in living memory. I do take heart that Jesus promised us that he would “be with you always, to the end of the age” (Mt. 28.20), and he is indeed with us. Let’s keep each other in prayer and also check in on each other. If you need anything, please do contact us.

As always, please follow the directives from the Government of Saskatchewan regarding social distancing and other measures we are called upon to undertake.

There have been a few questions asked regarding what we’ll be doing at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in the immediate future. I don’t yet have full answers for all the questions I’ve received but I’d like to give a few quick updates:

  • The church is open for personal prayer during business hours. We have moved the tabernacle from the small chapel into the main sanctuary, so if you wish to pray before Jesus while keeping safe distance between people, this can now be done. Please keep proper physical distancing in mind and please keep others safe by staying home if you are unwell. Purell and sanitizing wipes are available to help keep things clean.
  • Scheduled confessions on Saturdays have moved outdoors. I’ll be in the parking lot from about 11am-12pm (or however long people continue to arrive). You may also arrange private confessions by contacting the priests.
  • Live streams and homilies of Masses from Holy Spirit Parish and other parishes across the Diocese are available at: saskatoonmass.com.

Jesus is faithful. Always. May he bless us all during these times.