Due to the recent COVID-related restrictions, attendance at Christmas Masses will be extremely limited.

Because of the limited capacity, we’re asking everyone who would like to attend Mass in person to put their name in for a draw by Thursday, December 17. The draw will be made on December 18 and you will be notified if your name has been drawn by Tuesday December 22nd.

To enter the draw please click here. We’re sorry, but the signup is now closed.

Masses will be Dec. 24 at 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm. On Dec. 25 Masses will be at 10am and 12pm.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 306.374.1425 or info@holyspiritsaskatoon.ca.

Christmas Eve Mass will also be streamed at holyspiritsaskatoon.ca and saskatoonmass.com at 5pm (Dec. 24). The Mass will remain archived so you can join at any time!

Above all, please keep each other in prayer. Thanks be to Jesus Christ that he was born into this world to be our Saviour!

The “great joy” proclaimed tonight to the shepherds is indeed “for all the people”. We too, with all our weaknesses and failures, are among those shepherds, who were certainly not saints. And just as God called the shepherds, so too he calls us, for he loves us. In the dark night of life, he says to us as he did to them, “Be not afraid!” (Lk 2:10). Take courage, do not lose confidence, do not lose hope, do not think that to love is a waste of time! Tonight love has conquered fear, new hope has arrived, God’s kindly light has overcome the darkness of human arrogance. Mankind, God loves you; for your sake he became man. You are no longer alone!

Pope Francis, Christmas 2019 Homily