I value my family – immediate and extended.  Life is full of experiences and events, but what makes them memorable is the people you spend those moments with. Most of those moments are spent with family.
The parish community offers a place where all ages are present and all generations are participating in the same event. They might have different reasons or purposes for their participation, but it is shared amongst everyone of all ages.  It shows my young family that the parish community has something to offer you throughout your whole life – not just when you are growing up and going through catechism.

Lent is about many things, but one thing that was instilled in me early on, is that Lent is giving of oneself.  As a parent, I learned that this message really is something that you live everyday.  You want what’s best for your children. You want to see them grow up and fulfill their dreams and ambitions.  I realized early on that this means I would have to give all of myself to help make these things happen.  Whether it is nights of little to no sleep because your child is sick, or having to take weekend courses on learning how to coach soccer because your kid needs a coach, I want to make sure that my children can have all of these experiences so they can achieve their potential.