I value freedom and have felt very restricted since the pandemic started a year ago. I miss being able to freely go to church without signing up, being free to see our 4 children and 13 grandchildren, being free to visit friends. I value honesty and integrity. I value belonging to a church community. I value the CWL and have been a member for 40 years. 

Many of my values come from being raised in small town Watson, Saskatchewan, the oldest of 5 children. We lived one block from school and two blocks from the church.  om sent us to mass daily from Grade 1 through 12. I didn’t appreciate this at the time but I know it has made me who I am today.

Lent was a big deal when I was growing up. We attended Stations of the Cross as well as daily mass. It seemed like we were always in the church.  Lent is a very special time for me; it’s a time for reflecting on the important things in life.  I sacrifice a few treats as I reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for the sake of all of us. It’s a time for extra prayer and extra good deeds. 

When we moved to Saskatoon in 1996, we bought a home in Lakeview and were welcomed into the wonderful warm church community of Holy Spirit Parish. I joined the 10:00 choir, which was one of the best moves I could have chosen.  Its such an honor to be part of this group and to provide a service to our congregation. I’ve learned so much about music in my 20 plus years with the choir. I really miss not being able to sing in the choir on Sundays this past year.