I value my family and my pets.  My brothers play outside with me and care for me.  Mommy and Daddy always love me.  I love my bunnies!  I am very responsible taking care of Shadow and Fluffy. I also value my cousins!  They’re never too old to play with me.  Aunties and Uncles are important too.  They teach me things like soccer and Cathechesis.

Reading is something I value and enjoy doing.  Reading is a skill that not everyone has so I don’t want to waste this gift.

Sports are important too.  I value being part of a team and working together for the same purpose.  I do rhythmic gymnastics and track outside of school and like to try all sports at school.

 Lent is a great time to get back on track.  Going to Reconciliation is important.  I am trying to have more outside time and less screen time which means I’m with my bunnies, brothers or friends and when I’m outside I’m not on my screen!  We play football after supper in the backyard and have fun.

I can grow in faith and follow Jesus for the rest of my life. I have friends that I made at church that I miss seeing.  It means I can be part of Catholic Girls League where I get encouragement to live my life with a servant’s heart.  It means a week in the Summer of VBS!