Refugee Committee

The Refugee Committee along with Holy Spirit Parish congregation is committed to time, prayer and financial support of a sponsored refugee family as they integrate into life in Canada. The parish commits to providing basic financial support for essential life-needs such as shelter and food for a period of 12 months or until the sponsored refugee(s) become self-sufficient.

The Refugee Committee is responsible for ensuring that the necessary funds are in place, along with setting up a basic household, paying or helping to pay bills, food, clothing and assisting the refuge families as they learn our language, culture and simple tasks such as bus and telephone use in a foreign country.

Ask if God is calling you to serve by joining the Refugee Committee. All new members are welcome.

Contact:  Pete and Betty Anne Tomney, 306 652-8120

Ray and Claudette Wilkie, 306 374-0107

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Parish Contacts

Parish Staff
Fr. Darryl Millette   - Pastor
Fr. Peter Olisa - Associate Pastor
Delores McLean - Office Administrator
Monica Johnson - Financial Administrator
Kelly Wormsbecker - Ministry of Care
Charlene Nijhawan - Ministry of Care 
Celena Komarnicki - Youth Ministry Coordinator
Sharon Powell - Faith Formation & Sacramental Preparation
Arch McKay - Christian Initiation of Adults
Jack Altrogge - Building Maintenance

Pastoral Council
Fernand Boutin, Chair
Louise Bitz
James Nestmann
Kenton Peterson
Lynn Eremondi
Ian Rana
Jonathon Neufeld
Bev Jutras

Finance Committee
Basil Waslen - Chair
Pat Pitka
Ed Solie
Mike Gartner
Bob Korol

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