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The weekly collection humbly expresses the community's faith.  The silent routine accompanies the spirit of selflessness that unites believers.  Whether your gift is large or small, the collection expresses what we have in common - a desire to share.

In the Mass, the collection occurs at the beginning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Its placement is significant.  It is not an admission fee to get into the building.  It is part of the heart of the Mass.  Every Mass celebrates the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.  That sacrifice unfolds before our eyes as the gifts we bring, the bread and wine, are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ and offered to God.

This sacrificial action begins when we carry bread and wine to the altar during the preparation of the gifts.  With them we bring our gifts for the poor. This procession moves through the community because these gifts come from us and represent us.  They represent our offering to God and our communion with God.  Just as the Body and Blood of Christ bring heavenly nourishment to our community, so the collection brings material aid. That material aid is no small matter.  Your church depends on your gift.

The charity which underlies the collection results from faith.  We believe that what we have comes from God, and we know it was given for the enjoyment of all.  A habit of giving comes from the heart that has learned the satisfactions of generosity.  A habit of giving offers us peace in that we are doing our part to make the world a better, more generous place.  This is an invitation to all wage earners to recognize God's gifts and participate in providing the ministries and services offered through Holy Spirit parish. 



All cheques for donations, including special collections, should be made payable to


You may indicate details regarding the contribution on the memo line of the cheque. 


2016 Income Tax Receipts

Thank you to all who have contributed financially to Holy Spirit parish in 2016.  Tax receipts for 2016 donations have been mailed.  Thank you for your generous support.


2017 Offertory Envelopes

If you are new to the parish, you may request parish offertory envelopes by contacting the parish office at (306) 374-1425 or by completing the registration form provided here or on the back page of the parish bulletin.  For those wanting to utilize the Pre-Authorized Giving Program you may complete the form provided below and return it to the parish office in the Sunday collection, by mail or in person.  Thank you for your continued support!




By leaving a gift in your will or estate to Holy Spirit parish,

the impact will be felt and remembered for generations.

For more information, please contact the parish office, (306) 374-1425






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