Christian Initiation of Children (Baptism)

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE A PARENT! Perhaps your baby has just recently been born, or perhaps he or she has already been in this world for some time. Or maybe you are still awaiting the blessed event. Whatever the case, we hope that preparing for your child's baptism will enrich your experience of parenthood and help you to understand the rich meaning of the celebration of your child's baptism.

Along with the joys of parenthood, there are of course many responsibilities. While the new born baby needs may be simple - to be fed, to be changed, and most of all, to be loved - these needs have to be met on the baby's schedule, not yours. That's the hard part!

Psychologists explain that a child's most basic need is for a sense of security. During the early years of your child's life, your care, your guidance, and your protection will lay a strong foundation for the future. Developing a healthy sense of self-esteem in your child is a second challenge you will face as your young child begins to grow.

Your faith helps you in your role as parents. As you foster your child's relationship with God and provide the experience of being a part of the Church, you are helping your child grow secure in God's love and develop a sense of Christian identity and of God's love for them. There is no better way than the celebration of baptism to begin this process.

As you will see, the liturgy of baptism invites you to reflect on your hopes and dreams for your child as well as on the values you communicate in everyday life. These hopes, dreams, and values are expressed in the choices you make as a parent, the traditions you foster in your family and habits and interests you cultivate in your child. To help you reflect on this vital spiritual dimension of your role as a parent, Holy Spirit parish is honoured to be a part of sharing in the joy of your child's baptism.

The parish baptismal preparation program will help you to prepare for the baptism, to appreciate the full meaning of the words, gestures, and signs of the liturgy, and to understand the commitment you are making when you have your child baptized. And it will help you appreciate more fully the meaning of your own baptism, too. Congratulations.

For more information please contact Sharon at 306 374-1425 or


2017 Baptism Preparation and Celebrations Schedule

Pre-registration is required.  Please contact Sharon at 306-374-1425 to register.

Godparents and grandparents are always invited and welcome.



Baptism Preparation classes:     April 26 and May 3     7:00 pm

Baptism Celebration:                 May 28                Mass – Noon   Baptism 1:00 pm



Baptism Preparation classes:     June 7 and 14              7:00 pm

Baptism Celebration:                 June 25               Mass – Noon   Baptism 1:00 pm



Baptism Preparation classes:     September 6 and 13     7:00 pm

Baptism Celebration:                  September 17    Mass – Noon   Baptism 1:00 pm

Baptism Celebration:                  Saturday, October 21           Baptisms 1:00 pm                     



Baptism Preparation classes:     November 8 and 15     7:00 pm

Baptism Celebration:                  November 19        Mass – Noon   Baptism 1:00 pm

Baptism Celebration:                  December 10        Mass – Noon   Baptism 1:00 pm



You may copy and print the form below or select the Baptism Registration Form link.








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